A multi purpose bot for your Discord Server
Developed by Middel#9816
using the Library
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MasterFlix includes a lot of moderation features such as: bulk-delete messages, auto-assign a role to an user on join, set a custom prefix ... The related commands are only available to the users with the required permissions.

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Twitch Notifications

MasterFlix allows you to know when an user on your server starts streaming. You can simply add the user to the tracked streamers list, and MasterFlix will handle the rest.


Music Features

MasterFlix was originally a Music only bot. now not anymore, but the music features are still richly available. Including many extra features such as: playlists, radio streaming, spotify streaming and alot more.


Fun Commands

Play slot machines, rock paper scissors, ask a question to the 8Ball, play trivia with your friends ... MasterFlix also implements Giphy API to quickly and easily search for GIFs.

MasterFlix Commands

All commands are prefixed with a ! by default. However, this prefix is customizable.
Help for each command is available by typing !help commandhere.
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Fun Commands
Command Description Example Usage
!8 Ask 8 ball a question. !8 how are you?
!roll Roll a random Number. !roll 100
!rps Play rock, paper, scissors. !rps scissors
!insult Insults a member of the server. !insult @middel#9816
!gifr Retrieve a random GIF from a Giphy Search. !gifr cat
!wiki Get information from Wikipedia. !wiki earth
!leaderboard Print the Economy Leadboard. !leaderboard
!payday Get some free currency. !payday
!payouts Show the payouts for the slot machine. !payouts
!slot Use the slot machine. !slot 500
!bank balance Shows your current balance. !bank balance
!bank transfer Transfer some currency from your balance to someone else. !bank transfer @middel#9816 500
!trivia Start the selected trivia category. !trivia games
!trivia stop Stop an ongoing Trivia session. !trivia stop
!trivia list List all available Trivia categories. !trivia list
!trivia leaderboard Leaderboard for Trivia. !trivia leaderboard
!bday list Lists the Birthdays for the current server. !bday list
!bday set Add your birthday to the Birthday list. !bday set 12-31 1985
Moderation Commands
Command Description Example Usage
!clear Remove a number of messages. !clear 100
!filter add Add 1 or more words to the filtering system. !filter add fuck ass cunt
!lseen Check when a member of the server was last seen online. (name) !lseen @middel#9816
!names See all the past names of a user on the server. (name) !names @middel#9816
!rename Rename a user on your server. (name) (nickname) !rename @middel#9816 supermiddel
!kick Kick a user of the server. (name) (reason) !kick @middel#9816 because needed to be done
!ban Ban a user of the server. (name) (days)=removal of messages (reason) !ban @middel#9816 7 being a wanker
!unban Unban a previous banned user. (name) (reason) !unban @middel#9816 because not needed
Utility Commands
Command Description Example Usage
!help Display all available commands. (based on your permissions) !help
!help command Shows the help of the specific command. !help kick
!serverinfo Shows information about the current server. !serverinfo
!userinfo Show information about a specific user. !userinfo @middel#9816
Owner-only Commands
Command Description Example Usage
!announce channel Sets the channel for global announcements. !announce #announcements
!announce Do a announcement in the global announcement channel. !announce this is a announcement
!set adminrole Sets a role to be able to use Admin related Commands. !set adminrole admin
!set modrole Sets a role to be able to use Moderator related Commands. !set modrole moderator
!autoimmune add Adds a user to be immune against bot punishments. !autoimmune add Middel
!set colour Sets the colour for the Bot embeds. !set colour blue
!set serverprefix Sets the prefix you wanna use to trigger commands with. !set serverprefix !
Misc Commands
Command Description Example Usage
!now Show now playing information. !now
!pause Toggles between pause and resuming of a song. !pause
!play Play a URL or search for a track. !play eminem almost famous
!queue Shows all songs in the queue list. !queue
!search Search for a song using the bot and select it with an interactive menu. !search eminem almost famous
!disconnect Disconnects the bot from the voice channel. !disconnect
!skip Skip to the next song. !skip
!sing Make MasterFlix sing one of his songs. !sing
!stop Stop playback and clear the queue. !stop
!volume Set the volume, 1% - 150%. !volume 75
!contact Sends a message to the Bot owner. !contact can you please help me?
!uptime Shows MasterFlix's Uptime. !uptime
!remind Remind yourself of something in a specific amount of time. !remind 1h garbage collector needs collecting
!weather Display the weather in a given location. !weather Enschede
!invite The bot will send you an invite URL to invite the bot to your discord server. !invite